Metal tube


Manufacture of shaped tube according to GOST P 54157-2010.

Manufacture of shaped tube is a type of rolled metal products, which is widely used in the industrial field. This type of tube can be produced at any cross-section different from circular. Shaped tube can have a square, oval or rectangular shape, the latter is the most commonly used. As the main material for the production of shaped tube used low alloy steel or stainless steel.

For manufacturing shaped tube used such steel grades as СТ2сп, СТ2пс, St2кп, St4сп, St4пс, St4кп, related to GOST 380.For grades 10, 10пс, 20, 35, 45, 08кп apply the requirements of the GOST 1050.

Manufacture of shaped tube is regulated by GOST 380 and 1050-88, which clearly specify the requirements to the materials used. The dimensions of the shaped tube is defined by GOST 8638, 8639, 8642, 8644 -8646. And the maximum of divergence from the norm specified in GOST 8639.

According to GOST 380 regulating the mechanical properties of steel, the shaped tubes of group with index A are produced. For steel grades GOST 1050 and 380 that is normalizing not only the mechanical properties but also the chemical composition, in conventional sign in front of the steel grade the index B is put.

At the conventional sign of the shaped tube of square or rectangular cross-section, often using the length of its sides and the thickness in millimeters. That is, if the price list specified in "Tube shaped 140 x 100 x 4.0", so we are talking about the product tube rectangular shaped with sides 140 and 100 mm and a metal thickness of 4 mm.

The greatest demand in the market has a square tube 20x20x1,5; shaped tube 40x20x1,5; shaped tube 40x25x1,5; shaped tube 50х25х1,5; shaped tube 60х40х1,5;60x40x2,0; square tube 60x60x2,0; square tube 80х80х4,0; square tube 100х100х4,0; .

The greatest demand in the market

  • square pipe 20х20х1,5;
  • shaped tube 40х20х1,5;
  • shaped tube 40х25х1,5;
  • shaped tube 50х25х1,5;
  • shaped tube 60х40х1,5;
  • shaped tube 60х40х2,0;
  • square pipe 60х60х2,0;
  • square pipe 80х80х4,0;
  • square pipe 100х100х4,0;

technical characteristic

Name Item Thickness, mm
ТП-1 ТП-1 20 х 20 х 1,5
ТП-2 ТП-2 25 х 25 х 1,5
ТП-3 ТП-3 40 х 20 х 1,5
ТП-4 ТП-4 40 х 20 х 2,0
ТП-5 ТП-5 50 х 50 х 2,0
ТП-6 ТП-6 60 х 60 х 2,0
ТП-7 ТП-7 80 х 80 х 3,0

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