Metal drum

Metal drum meets the requirements of GOST 13950-91 and international standards on the transport of dangerous goods.

  • The ability to manufacture the drum wall thickness and bottom 0.8 – 1.2 mm.
  • Painting is carried out with enamel in any color on customer's choice (one or more), the apply client's company logo and internal coating of the drum.
  • The drums are equipped with cap seals 2" and 2″ и ¾″.

Metal drum of ZMT production is a solid and reliable package to securely transport and store all kinds of goods.

Technical data

name Item Volume, l External diameter, mm Height, mm Metal thickness, mm (bottom, body, closure)
Metal drum with 2 neck БЗ1А1 227L 585±5 878±5 0,9 x 0,8 x 0,9
Metal drum with removable top БЗ1А2 210L 585±3 878±5 1,0 x 0,9 x 1,0


Polyethylene drum

Plastic drum meets the requirements of GOST and international standards for the carriage and transportation of dangerous goods, is manufactured according to the СTO 001-63102925-2011 and СТО 001-37554687-2014(company standard). The drum is used for filling liquid, dry and solid products in the chemical, petrochemical, as well as in food industry. The range of products includes a wide line of drums with a capacity from 48L to 227L.

The uniqueness of ZMT-GROUP lies in the production of two-layer drums.

  • A polyethylene drum 227L with two necks supplied complete with cap seals and valve in different variant.
  • Polyethylene drum 227L performs in two versions – with two necks and a removable top cover.
  • Polyethylene drums with a capacity of 48L, 65L, 100L, 127L, 160L made with a removable top, complete with closing hoop.

Plastic drum is a good economic and environmental alternative to metal package.

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Technical data

Name Item Capacity, dm2 Diameter, mm Height, mm
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-4-1H1 HDPE -227ХП 227L 227L 585±5 940±5
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 HDPE-227ХП 227L. 227L 585±5 1000±5
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 (I)- HDPE -48 48L. 400 515
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 (II)- HDPE -100 100L. 490 678
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 (I)-ПЭНД-65 65л. 400 655
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 (I)- HDPE -65 160L. 500 1025
Polyethylene drum БЧ-1-3-1H2 (II)- HDPE -160 127L. 490 865



IBC container 1000L corresponds to the GOST P 53210-2008 standards, international standards for the carriage and transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with company CTO 001-98353084-2012(company standard).

  • IBC container of ZMT-GROUP has a metal crate of square section, which allows to withstand heavy loads than a similar container.
  • The container consists of plastic bottle and metal crate. Supplied on metal or wooden pallet.

The IBC container is a multi-purpose container for filling, storage and transportation of various types of goods, including food, suitable for multilayer storage, ensure the safety of the product throughout the supply chain.

Technical characteristics

Name Item Material of pallet Capacity ,L Overall dimensions, mm The weight of the container in an assembly, kg Material Diameter Download the specification
Polyethylene container ККС-1 Wooden pallet 1000 1200 х 1000 х 1200 ± (10 х 10 х 5) 63.5±1.905 Composition of polyethylene 150 Order
Polyethylene container ККС-2 Metal pallet 1000 1200 х 1000 х 1180 ± (10 х 10 х 5) 59±1.77 Composition of polyethylene 150 Order


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